The flying carpet – a superpower lies in you offers children well-being when facing challenges. With a loving language and heart-warming illustrations, it leads children to find a peaceful place inside them. It is a book full of positivity, which shows how to deal with absences, sadness and fear, revealing that answers are inside each one.

Taís Tavares de Canha
Taís Canha has a law degree from PUC-SP and works as a legal analyst at Ministério Público (Public Prosecution Office) of São Paulo State, Brazil. Being passionate about spirituality and self-knowledge, she dedicates herself to the study and practice of many tools to improve personal development, such as meditation and intuitive writing. Her love and connection with children is the result of her dedication to volunteer work with children, besides the bond she has with her brother, which awakened in her heart the desire to welcome and help children improve their well being. Being creative, she navigates from and to playful sites easily, turning imagination into an effective bridge to access internal resources of superior wisdom, inviting people to travel to the inside and reveal themselves.

Marcela Calisto
I am Marcela Calisto, a young illustrator from Minas Gerais who has been drawing for as long as she can remember. I am also known as the Ink Girl, because even though I am an adult, I have the magic of being a child who keeps drawing everywhere. I study Graphic Design, Advertising and Psychology, and after learning a little more about visual design, I decided to focus on children’s books, for I believe that the magic of imagination lies in books and with them we can show our personal world view to children so they can find their own ways. Therefore, my mission is to enchant, bringing color and shape to the most diverse worlds and characters through illustrations.

ISBN: 978-65-87517-15-5

28 páginas

21 x 29 cm


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